Praise and Worship Center


Youth Ministry

We meet on the first Friday of every month. It is our belief that the Gospel of Jesus Christ can radically change a person's life, regardless of their age.  Our desire as youth leaders is twofold.  Initially we would like to see teenagers come to the saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Secondly, once a teenager has made that commitment to serving the Lord, we want their relationship with God to be strengthened through intimacy with God.  This intimacy comes by prayer, worship and the study of God's Holy Word.  WE believe that the most effective way of ministering to an individual is through discipleship.  The meaning of discipleship is to invest one's life into the lives of others.  This is exactly what Jesus did as He was working with His twelve disciples.  During our time together as a youth group we enjoy several activities.  Every time we come together we have a time of worship, Bible study and prayer.  We also have dinner for our kids, and an allotted amount of time for fun and games.  Please join us in reaching out to our youth of this generation and help us in sharing to gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to our children who so desperately need to know Him.